Be Kind to Our Planet

100% ECO Friendly

Natural, Eco-Friendly Flooring

Our industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation towards environmentally conscious building and materials. As a society, we have become more aware of our impact on the Earth and recognize the need for earth friendly, energy efficient, and sustainable building and living. Many of us are making a commitment to reduce energy and water consumption, conserve natural resources, preserve habitats, and provide a safer, healthier environment within our homes and buildings, and throughout our community.


Green Flooring

The term green means that certain products are made up of either environmentally friendly materials or they are made with renewable or recycled products. There are many factors to consider when purchasing earth friendly or “green” products. Some of these factors include growing, harvesting, and manufacturing practices, VOC content (volatile organic compounds), value, suitability, durability, and even transportation. We encourage you to ask any of our sales experts to show you flooring that will help you make the right choice for your flooring needs.



Nylon flooring by nature is the most durable, resilient and receptive to dying for color versatility and uniformity.

Why Nylon Flooring?

  • Nylon has been the most commonly used carpet fiber since the 1960s.
  • In overall performance characteristics, nylon is the softest and most versatile of all fiber types
  • Nylon by nature is the most durable, resilient and receptive to dying for color versatility and uniformity.
  • Shaw’s nylons include Anso® nylon and EverTouch styles.
  • Anso® nylon is superior. If you can remember the acronym GREAT, you can remember why:
  • G = Green. Anso nylon is SCS certified with 25% recycled content and is recyclable back into new nylon.
    R = Resilient. It will look newer longer!
    E= Experience. Consumers have chosen Anso nylon for more than 40 years
    A = Anti-soil, Anti-stain. The name Anso is an acronym for Anti-Soil. So when we say Anso® nylon, we are really saying Anti-soil nylon. It is enhanced with Shaw’s patented stain and soil resistance system, R2X. This means Anso nylon products will perform better and look newer longer.
    T=Tough. This means it will stand up to the consumer’s busy lifestyle over time.
    Nylon flooring


    Cork flooring is a beautiful natural product. Most of the benefits of cork are derived from its specialized cellular structure. Cork has a honeycomb cellular structure and each cubic centimeter contains roughly 40 million hexagonal cells. The cork tissue is nearly 85% comprised of an air-like gas that makes the material very lightweight and low density. Nearly any design that can be done in ceramic tiles can now be done in cork.


    Why Cork Flooring?

    Cork flooring is made from the Bark that is harvested from the tree and is able to regenerate after the harvest. The bark can be re-harvested every 9-10 years without damaging the tree. Cork is a wonderful insulator. It is resistant to temperatures, so go ahead, take off your shoes and walk barefoot. Just as the wine stoppers made from cork are light, your cork flooring will have this same amazing property. Cork is extremely durable. It will not collect dust, and in its natural state, it is fire resistant. The easy maintenance is another benefit of cork flooring. It will not collect dust, and is therefore, hypo-allergenic. It is an insect repellant, and anti-microbial, making it a great choice for your kitchen, bathrooms, and children’s play areas.
    Cork flooring